Extend the Capabilities of Your Learning Management System (LMS)

By adding the URL parameter (i.e. flag) chromeless:true to any Open Course Hub page you can display that page's content without the global header image, site navigation bar, sidebar and footer - a great way to seamlessly embed Open Course Hub pages into other systems.

For example, the URL http://demo.hibbittsdesign.org/grav-course-hub/schedule displays the standard Open Course Hub page but the URL http://demo.hibbittsdesign.org/grav-course-hub/schedule/chromeless:true will only display that page's content. Any links between Open Course Hub pages will result in pages being displayed in the same manner.

Additional Open Course Hub Site Examples

You can download two other variations of Open Course Hub package - Basic Course Hub (with fewer example pages and features shown) or Advanced Course Hub (with more example pages and features shown). There is also a Multi-course Hub, designed to house several courses. All of these examples are available in the Open Course Hub folder /user/themes/course-hub-bootstrap/_demo/

What Else Can the Open Course Hub do for You?

Learn more about the capabilities of the Open Course Hub project at learn.hibbittsdesign.org.